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Our booster pump systems are designed to raise or boost water pressure by being installed in the water supply line where pressure already exists. They are used for:

  • Boosting low water pressure in your facility where the incoming municipal water supply pressure is inadequate
  • Increasing water pressure from underground or surface water supplies
  • Automatic water transfer
  • Domestic & light industrial irrigation

Our booster pump systems are engineered in-house specifically to your capacity and space needs. We offer booster systems ranging from simplex to six pumps. Our systems utilize multiple types of pumps including closed coupled end suction and vertical multistage pumps. Our engineers will look at your size restrictions, water demand, and other factors when designing your system and determining the type of pump used. Every system is made to your specific needs ensuring the most energy efficient high performance available.

We manufacture both constant pressure systems and tank fill, utilizing both city pressure and roof tank supplies

Constant pressure systems are driven by Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) drives which are regulated by demand differentials in your building. We will design your booster system based on usage tendencies of your application using a PLC that is fully programmable to obtain the desired series and variations controlling both water flow and pressure.

Roof Tank Systems are designed with either starters or a soft start up, depending on the height of your building. The pumps will be selected to meet your buildings flow and pressure needs taking into account the particular tendencies of your building. The end result will be an energy efficient system running at the right duty point assuring longevity of your booster pump system with minimum energy cost.

US Pump Corp Triplex Booster Pump System front
US Pump Corp Triplex Booster Pump System back

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